St. Paul police cleared in shooting of drug suspect


Two St. Paul police officers who fatally shot a 41-year-old drug suspect in October will not be charged.

A Ramsey County grand jury on Wednesday said probable cause did not exist to charge either officer, the Pioneer Press reports.

The officers shot Victor Gaddy, 41, of St. Paul, in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood as part of a drug case Oct. 27. Officers suspected he was delivering crack cocaine. Officers said they were threatened when Gaddy used his car to ram two squad cars. Police fired, hitting Gaddy several times.

The St. Paul NAACP had questioned police accounts of the events.

The shooting reverberated in Chicago, where the Gangster Disciples gang is based. Gang leaders, upset with the shooting of Gaddy, who was also a member, threatened to kill a Minneapolis or St. Paul police officer in retaliation.

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St. Paul NAACP questions account of fatal police shooting

The St. Paul chapter of the NAACP is raising questions of police accounts of an officer-involved fatal shooting of a man this week during a drug investigation. The NAACP claims damage to the vehicle of the man, 41-year-old Terrance Gaddy, doesn't match up to police statements that Gaddy used his vehicle as a weapon by slamming it into police vehicles and nearly pinning an officer.

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