St. Paul police find 200 pounds of marijuana after attempted suicide call

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An attempted suicide call turned into a large drug bust at a St. Paul apartment building last week.

Someone called 911 just before 1:50 a.m. April 9 to report a suicide in progress and when officers arrived, they found a man who had apparently jumped off the second story of an apartment building on Stillwater Avenue, near White Bear Lake Avenue, St. Paul police spokesman Howie Padilla told the Pioneer Press.

Bags of drugs were found next to the man, who was treated for leg and head injuries and released from the hospital, KARE 11 says.

Police suspect the man broke into the building to steal the marijuana – police found more marijuana and an unspecified amount of cash in an apartment they believe the man broke in to, KARE 11 reports.

Police estimate the 200 pounds of marijuana they found could be worth $80,000 to $800,000, depending on its quality, according to media reports.

"What is obvious is this is certainly larger than the average bust we see on the street," Padilla told the Pioneer Press.

The man found on the street has not been arrested, pending further investigation, the Pioneer Press says. Police are trying to determine where the drugs came from and who is responsible for having that much marijuana lying around, KARE 11 reported.

"Right now, we're looking into all avenues of this – who rents the apartment, who may have had access to this much marijuana and exactly how and where they were going to be distributing it," Padilla told the paper.

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