St. Paul police investigate possibility of 2nd officer dressing as Muslim woman


St. Paul police spokesman Howie Padilla confirmed Friday that an investigation is under way into the possibility of a second officer being caught on social media dressed up as a Muslim woman, WCCO reports.

The investigation comes days after a St. Paul police officer  apologized for dressing up as a female Muslim Target employee.

St. Paul police opened a probe into the second photo after Twitter user Mukhtar Ibrahim tweeted it to the department on Friday. The tweet photo appears to be of a Facebook photo from 2010, the Star Tribune reports.

Ibrahim received a reply that noted St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith was looking into the matter. Padilla did not confirm any information about the identity of the man in the second image, WCCO reports.

Ibrahim also tweeted the photo of Officer Robert Buth to the St. Paul Police Department on Monday.

A K-9 officer, Buth issued an apology Tuesday after a photo of him dressed up as a female Muslim Target employee surfaced on social media.

Buth said he was dressed in a hijab as part of a Halloween costume. It was posted on Twitter 10 weeks ago.

"I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the recently publicized photo which showed me at a private Halloween party on my personal time," Buth said. "I sincerely regret that the image, which was never intended to become public, may have been viewed to be insensitive to the Muslim community."

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