St. Paul police officers take hundreds of kids out shopping

Hundreds of cops and kids took over a St. Paul Target store to do some holiday shopping.

Saturday, 300 St. Paul kids spent the day with 200 police officers.

Don't worry, no one was in trouble. They just went out shopping.

St. Paul Police Department has been doing Shop With Cops since 2000. It's an event that brings officers and kids together so they can develop relationships, and get some holiday shopping done on the side.

The kids were somewhere in the kindergarten through sixth grade age range, and they had to be nominated for the program.

Once they arrived at St. Paul's Midway Target, the kids were given some money to buy gifts for their immediate family.

From there, the kids and cops were set free to pick out the perfect presents.

Shop with Cops started in 2000. It's grown substantially over the years considering there were only about 50 kids and 15 officers involved that first year.

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