St. Paul Police say man found dead in burning car was Chicago resident

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St. Paul Police have identified the person whose body was found in a burning car this past weekend.

According to the department's Twitter account, the victim was 36-year-old Jeremy Allen of Chicago.

The investigation began when police and firefighters responded to a call about a burning car on the 1000 block of Westminster Street in St. Paul around 6 p.m. on Saturday. At first, investigators were unsure of not only the identity of the individual, but also the age, ethnicity and gender.

While police have made no further official statement on what might have transpired, the Pioneer Press says Allen, a Chicago resident and father who was engaged to be married, was in town visiting relatives.

Working from audio recordings posted by MN Police Clips, the paper said Allen's cousin apparently spotted the victim slumped over in a car – possibly with gunshot wounds – with two unknown males shortly before the vehicle was found burning.

According to the Star Tribune, police have identified neither a motive nor information about possible suspects in the case.

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