St. Paul cop sorry for aggressive comments caught on camera

Andrew Casey was approached by two officers and taped part of their interaction on Thursday.

A St. Paul police officer has apologized for his aggressive comments towards a civilian who recorded the interaction on camera.

The video was shared on Facebook by Andrew Casey on Thursday and has been viewed more than 19,000 times, show the end of an argument after he was approached by two police officers, one of whom according to Casey "shoved his f------ badge in my face."

One of them, Officer Benny Williams, tells Casey he works for St. Paul police and says: "Put it in my face I'm gonna slap you down," referring to Casey's phone.

He then makes to throw a fist at him before pulling the punch, adding f----- before walking away.

You can watch the video below (warning: it contains foul language).

In the comments section, Casey says he was getting out of his car "when these two knuckleheads starting hassling me assuming I was someone else."

"The aggressive one of the two couldn't have been more aggressive or unprofessional," he added. "Prior to this I asked his badge number. He emphatically stated 911 while literally shoving his badge into my camera which subsequently was pushed into my face. He also threatened to tow my legally parked car."

St. Paul police has opened an internal investigation into the incident, with Officer Williams apologizing in a video on Facebook.

"I said a lot of things I shouldn't have said that was very unprofessional on my part," he said.

“I’m very passionate about what I do, and today I just had a human moment where I just said some things that just were not professional,” he added. “I want to apologize to this individual. It doesn’t represent who I am or my organization, the St. Paul Police Department.”

The two officers were looking for a vulnerable adult when they came across Casey. St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell saying their actions "did not meet the standard of delivering trusted service with respect," but praised Williams for his apology video.

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