St. Paul soda shop busted for candy cigarettes


A St. Paul soda fountain received a warning from a city inspector last week after the store was found selling candy cigarettes, the Pioneer Press reports.

Lynden's Soda Fountain on Hamline Avenue was told to pull the products from store shelves because it violates a city ordinance banning the sale of tobacco-like products to children.

Tobi Lynden tells the Star Tribune that nearly all of the candy cigarettes were purchased by adults.

The St. Paul city council passed the measure in 2009 after the Ramsey Tabacco Coalition teamed up with a group of high school students and presented research showing candy cigarettes leads to smoking, WCCO noted.

A resident from Bloomington called in the violation.

Robert Humphrey, the spokesperson for the St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspection, says he gets a complaint like this about once a year.

To Lynden's surprise, the story received a large response and was picked up by several media outlets across the country.

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