St. Paul student gets probation for attack on teacher


The 16-year-old St. Paul Central High School student who attacked a teacher last month will be put on probation.

Ramsey County Juvenile Court sentenced the teenager to 90 days of electronic home monitoring and intensive supervised probation, the Pioneer Press reports. The paper says he will need to complete 150 hours of community service.

KSTP says he will also have to go to therapy for anger.

The fight reportedly happened Dec. 4 when some students were talking football stats in the lunchroom. Trash talk escalated into a physical fight and school employees tried to break it up.

Witnesses said the student slammed John Ekblad – a science teacher – into a concrete wall and a table then proceeded to choke him until he passed out. The student was also accused of pushing the assistant principal.

The teenager pleaded guilty and said he was trying to break up a fight between his younger brother and another student.

Ekblad was hospitalized with neck trauma, a concussion and a brain injury.

The teacher has since said he doesn't remember the incident and suffers from a constant headache and numbness on his right side. He may seek more than $50,000 in a potential lawsuit against the school.

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