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St. Paul woman charged in fatal stabbing of her longtime boyfriend


A woman who had a history of abusing her boyfriend fatally stabbed him in the chest during an alcohol-infused fight inside their St. Paul apartment, according to charges filed Monday.

Sherry Henderson, 47, was charged Monday with second-degree murder in the death of her longtime boyfriend, 58-year-old Addison Hillard. Police had initially described is as "suspicious" when announcing an investigation Saturday.

According to the criminal complaint:

Henderson, who is known to become violent when she drinks, Hillard and a female friend of hers were drinking in the Birmingham Street apartment Friday night when Henderson passed out.

She awoke to Hillard and her friend talking and became upset, punching and pushing Hillard. That's when her friend left the apartment.

The next day, Henderson called her cousin and said she did something "she would never do," adding she and Hillard had "gotten into it and she thought he was getting ready to come at her."

She told police Hillard had called her a name, but doesn't remember much after that. She remembers noticing blood on her hands and Hillard leaning up against the entertainment center with a hole in his chest.

Henderson told police, "I guess I [stabbed him] because I was the only on there," adding she didn't remember stabbing him and did not do it with the intent to kill him.

Within 20 minutes she realized he was dead, but didn't call police because "she wasn't ready to let him go."

Henderson cleaned up the area, including washing the knife and throwing trash out in the dumpster, then grabbed a pillow and blanket and laid next to Hillard's body.

Police found Hillard's body in the blankets.

Hillard's daughter told police he wanted to leave Henderson because she was abusive. A few months ago, Henderson used a knife and cut him in the torso and arm, but Hillard's daughter told investigators he "refused to call police because he was a man and could take care of himself," adding he didn't want to put a woman in jail.

Henderson has a history of domestic assault, including against Hillard. She has also been convicted of domestic assault, malicious punishment of a child, child neglect, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats.

If convicted, Henderson could face up to 40 years in prison.

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