St. Paul won't be banning those foam take out boxes

The City Council decided to delay the vote.
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St. Paul won't be banning to-go containers that aren't eco-friendly – at least not yet. 

The City Council was considering a proposal that would ban restaurants and stores from offering take-out containers and cups that can't be easily composted, recycled or reused. 

At least two other metro-area cities – Minneapolis and St. Louis Park – already do this.

But St. Paul won't be joining them. At least not yet. The City Council rejected the ban Wednesday with a 5-2 vote. 

They will reconsider the proposal next year, on Oct. 3, 2018. So mark your calendars. 

Some businesses in St. Paul were worried about the change because eco-friendly containers tend to cost more, the Star Tribune reported, while other restaurants in the city have already made the switch to compostable containers on their own, without an ordinance, to be more environmentally friendly.

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