St. Paul's mayor will meet the Crashed Ice course one more time

Chris Coleman will take his 6th and final spin as mayor down the Crashed Ice course this week.

We don't think anyone has actually nicknamed him Chris "Crashed Ice" Coleman.

But St. Paul's mayor is no stranger to the 500-yard downhill track for daredevil ice skating races that sprouts every winter in front of the Cathedral. Since Red Bull, which sponsors the event, first brought it to town in 2012 Coleman's trip down it (and we do mean trip) has become an annual tradition.

Now in the home stretch of his third – and final – term as mayor, his office announced this week that Coleman's last mayoral run down the Crashed Ice course will happen on Thursday.

The mayor's Crashed Ice history

This, of course, prompted us to look back at archival videos of Coleman's previous encounters with the Crashed Ice course, which changes a little from year to year.

We noticed the videos posted by Visit St. Paul, the city's tourism group, tend to show the mayor in an upright position – successfully navigating some of the hairpin turns, though without the speed the pros show (the 2015 and 2014 ones are examples).

But a less-edited one from last year does include a wipeout that sends Coleman's helmet-cam flying (just past the 7-minute mark).

Speaking of the helmet-cam, the Go Pro he wore in 2015 does give you a good idea of how the course might look to a typical Minnesota skater. And Coleman, now 55, is a skater – even if doesn't build up the speed to make it over all the obstacles.

Here's what it looks like for those who do:

The professionals

Last winter St. Paul hosted the season finale that determines the champion of the winter's Crashed Ice season. And it was won by a Minnesotan, Cameron Naasz of St. Cloud.

This year St. Paul is again hosting the climax of a season that also includes competitions in Europe. Naasz is in the running to defend his title, but right now he's just a little behindMaxwell Dunne of Burnsville.

The Crashed Ice standings also show that the women's division is led by a Minnesotan, Amando Trunzo of Blaine. Sydney O'Keefe of Minneapolis is in third place heading into this weekend's final competition.

St. Paul will prepare for 100,000 spectators for the races Friday and Saturday, which coincide with the city's Winter Carnival.

Here's a highlight video from the 2015 competition:

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