St. Paul's 'Red Bull Crashed Ice' features more difficult course in 2013


The second straight year of the Red Bull Crashed Ice event in St. Paul will feature a taller and longer icy track, according to details released at a news conference Wednesday.

This year's event will be held January 24-26 and coincides with the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

The Pioneer Press says the course will start on a four-story platform compared to three stories last year. The track will extend about 1,300 feet longer to allow more room for skater's to recover from obstacles, the Star Tribune noted.

KSTP reports the changes make the course faster, more difficult and more skating intensive.

About 200 athletes will tryout to compete in St. Paul including those looking to join the newly-added teen competition.

Last year, the event attracted about 100,000 people and generated an estimated $20 million in economic activity.

Here's a 3D outline of the course that travels throughout downtown St. Paul:

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Red Bull's Crashed Ice underway in St. Paul

A couple hundred athletes from around the world are competing in the three-day event, including 75 Minnesotans. According to MPR, the 400-meter track starts by the Cathedral of Saint Paul and ends near the Kellogg Boulevard onramp to I-35E. It includes jumps, sharp turns and steep slopes. Skaters can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.