Stadium panel denies request to block use of 'Redskins' name


The panel that oversees the Metrodome has denied a request that the Redskins name not be used on materials and the public address system when the Vikings play Washington in a nationally televised game Nov. 7.

The American Indian Movement, American Civil Liberties Union and others had sought to ban the Redskins name from the game, but the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority on Friday rejected the request, the Associated Press reports.

The AP reports that a lawyer for the panel said the request could be considered unconstitutional prior restraint – in effect, censoring speech before it happens.

Minneapolis-based AIM's founder Clyde Bellecourt has vowed that hundreds of people will protest outside the game. The protest has its own Facebook page.

AIM has argued that use of the Redskins name at the public stadium violates labor laws, hate-speech protections and the civil rights of American Indians.

The ACLU said the Redskins' name, logo and mascot are racist that perpetuate hurtful stereotypes. The ACLU asks that everyone simply call the team "Washington."

Among those who agree that the team name is hurtful is sports broadcaster Bob Costas. He called the nickname an "insult" and a "slur."

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