Staff member injured breaking up a fight at a St. Paul high school

It comes less than 18 months after a teacher suffered a brain injury during a physical confrontation.

A St. Paul high school is in the headlines again after another incident of a staff member getting injured breaking up a fight among students.

The female Central High School employee was elbowed in the back of the head last Thursday as she tried to break up a fight involving students, WCCO reports.

She sought medical treatment on her own, the TV station notes, and returned to work this week.

According to KARE 11, the fight was between two students and happened at 12:30 p.m., having started over social media outside of school before coming to a head on site.

The student believed to have thrown the elbow was a 17-year-old boy, and he now faces possible charges.

It's the latest controversy regarding staff and student safety at Central High School. In December 2015, science teacher John Ekblad suffered a brain injury when he was attacked by a student as he tried to break up a fight.

Ekblad sued the school in 2016, saying it wasn't doing enough to protect its students.

In February 2016, an officer used pepper spray to break up a brawl at the school that was started by posts on social media.

It's also the second time this week the high school has been in the news. Over the weekend, a service station used as a training facility for students was burglarized, with a car owned by principal Mary Mackbee among the things stolen, the Star Tribune reports.

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