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Stalking-accused Lakeville principal now charged with burglary after rings were found in his house

A cop who took over Endicott's office after his suspension found stolen items in his drawer.

What's happening?

Remember Chris Endicott? The Century Middle Schools principal who was charged with stalking a detective who was investigating him for stalking others?

Well, he's on the receiving end of more criminal charges, this time for allegedly burglarizing his next door neighbors.

What is he accused of?

According to a criminal complaint, Endicott allegedly carried out a burglary at the house next to his own in Apple Valley, Minnesota in October 2015.

The homeowners had left town for a few days and when they returned found a basement window had been opened and two safes pulled out into the hallway – one of which had been opened.

Paperwork was missing from the safe, and the homeowner later found that a white gold ring with a small diamond was also missing, as well as some house keys.

Endicott came into the frame for the crime just last month, when he was suspended from his job after the accusations of stalking were made.


– Principal's prior conviction came as a surprise to Lakeville schools.

Officer found it by coincidence

After his suspension, a Lakeville police officer assigned to Century Middle School started using Endicott's office.

Just last week the officer opened a lower drawer of a file cabinet in the office and found three watches, a gold ring, an antique fork and knife, a Coon Rapids High School class ring, a key and a thumb drive.

The burglary victims positively identified the class ring and the gold ring as theirs, and said the key might well be theirs too as it was attached to a Mercedes keyring – and they had owned a Mercedes in the past.

The victims said they'd previously had disagreements with Endicott about his family's cats coming into their yard, where they have a dog.


– Lakeville principal stalked detective, teacher and possibly several others.

But they had no further problems between when the dispute ended and a few months later, when the burglary happened.

In the criminal charges for stalking, prosecutors said police found numerous devices, hard drives and personal mail that didn't belong to Endicott or his family whe they searched his house.

They noted he had a "history with stealing and manipulating identities and banking information."

Lakeville Public Schools told GoMN that a criminal background check before he was hired in 2012 turned up nothing, and added that Endicott failed to disclose to them that he was convicted of shoplifting in North Dakota in 2016.

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