Starbucks recalls metal straws for cutting up people's mouths

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If you bought a refillable cup from Starbucks, you might want to ditch the straw before you go in for your next iced latte.

Apparently the stainless steel straws – the plastic ones are fine – are cutting up some people's mouths, so the Seattle-based company issued a recall.

Starbucks says the reusable Cold-to-Go drinking straws have caused mouth lacerations in children – three reports in the U.S. and one report in Canada.

Considering 2.5 million have been sold in the U.S., risk of injury appears to be pretty low.

However, Starbucks still asks that parents not allow children to handle or use the metal straws.

The straws were sold from June 2012 to June 2016 for about $6 for a pack of three straws. The straws also came with some beverage cups.

For more information or to report an injury, click here.

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