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Stargate nightclub will close after the shooting over the weekend

Maplewood City Council voted Wednesday morning.

The Stargate nightclub in Maplewood is closing indefinitely after five people were wounded and more than 60 gunshots were fired in an incident Saturday morning.

Maplewood City Council held a special meeting Wednesday to discuss possible sanctions against the troubled nightclub, and voted that it should be closed until it can meet a list of conditions.

But KSTP reports that nightclub owner Paul Xiong said he plans to shut the club down himself anyway, telling the TV station he is "tired of the headaches" presented by the business.

The shooting happened at Stargate around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, police said. A dispute inside the club led to a man being shot in the leg, and then when people ran out of the club, dozens more shots were fired.

Five people were injured, though it could have been worse.

This weighed on the minds of officials Wednesday, with KARE 11 reporting that council member Bryan Smith commented: "We are incredibly lucky we're not talking about multiple murders."

"Five people were wounded... it is only a blessing that we didn't have five murders on Friday night-early Saturday morning. And that's just not acceptable," added council member Marylee Abrams.

The Star Tribune reports that Stargate has had problems before, with shots fired in its parking lot in summer of 2016 and a 20-year-old shot and killed by a Stargate security guard in May 2015.

Xiong blamed the problems on guns, telling reporters: "Everybody in this country has a gun. No more guns, please."

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