Start your hoses: Minnesota cities urging residents to water trees


Given the kind of dry weather and high heat across the region, some Minnesota cities are urging people to think of the trees, asking them to remember to give 'em a gulp once in a while.

The City of Minneapolis is urging residents to water their trees every week throughout the rest of the summer and fall, WCCO reports.

This announcement on the city's web site says trees need an inch of water a week, and even offers some instructions on the best way to use your hose.

And the city of Park Rapids is asking for a citizens’ hose brigade to begin immediately.Tinder dry conditions are leaving city trees drying and prematurely going into dormancy, a city forester tells the Forum News Service.

City crews have been busy watering as many trees as they can get to, but they only have so much manpower, reports the Grand Forks Herald. Trees along Highway 71, Pleasant Avenue and Highway 34 were watered this week.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Drought Monitor said 10 percent of Minnesota was now under drought conditions.

And the state's Department of Natural Resources issued a warning that much of western Minnesota was under a "high" risk for wildfires.

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