Stash of drugs and cash found inside old Pepsi soda machine, charges say


A safe disguised by the shell of an old Pepsi soda machine was filled with drugs and cash, and uncovered by police carrying out a search warrant, according to charges.

Searching the Red Wing home of suspected drug dealer Devin Scott Hinck, 21, police found a litany of drugs throughout the property and in his car, with cannabis, resin, cocaine, MDMA, meth, steroids and LSD seized during the raid on July 11, the criminal complaint says.

But it wasn't until Hinck had been arrested and taken to the police station that officers found his last stash, after continuing the search when they realized they hadn't found any cash.

Suspicions were raised when one of the detectives realized he couldn't hear a motor running in the machine, nor could they locate a power plug – and upon further inspection found it had a "barrel style" key lock, the complaint notes.

The complaint continues:

"I retrieved his keys and attempted to open the machine to look for items of evidentiary value. The key unlocked the machine and upon inspection, I observed that the machine was hollow in the inside. The machine had been lined with plywood and was being used as a well concealed safe."

Inside that safe, officers found stacks of cash clipped together, which when counted up totaled $12,533, most of it in $20 bills.

Also found inside was a remote video camera, which was linked to a monitoring system near the front door of the house, and three large packages of marijuana concentrates.

A sheet of blotter paper that tested positive for LSD, a "baggie" of MDMA, and a mason jar full of marijuana was also in the vending machine, the complaint continues.

In total, police recovered 90 items from the house following the search.

Hinck has been charged with two counts of first-degree possession of cocaine/meth/heroin, one count of fourth-degree possession of a hallucinogen, two counts of fifth-degree possession of marijuana and one for sale of marijuana, and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.

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