State auditor finds MN education dept. needs tighter computer security


A report by Minnesota's Legislative Auditor finds that the state's Department of Education computer system needs to tighten security on databases that contain, among other things, student information.

The report released this week found no breaches or stolen data from the mammoth computer systems of the Minnesota Department of Education, reports the Star Tribune.

But the audit found that state computers that direct billions of dollars in state and federal funds to schools and contain private information on students lacked “adequate internal controls” and comprehensive security plans, the Associated Press says.

The system also had failed to document where private data was held or the internal controls needed to secure it, according to the Strib.

“We’re working on all of those,” an assistant commissioner at MN.IT tells the paper. “We do security checks on 30,000 computers a day. We’re watching all the time for attacks and breaches, protecting our systems from being brought down.”

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