State Fair's Heritage Square to be replaced by transit hub

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The State Fair board is expected to finalize plans this month to tear down Heritage Square to make room for a new $10 million transit hub.

The fair landmark has invited fairgoers to take a walk down memory lane for half a century, WCCO reports. But fair officials say the old fashioned area on West Dan Patch Avenue isn't attracting people like it use to.

In addition to a drop-off and pick-up center, a larger market facility will go up to house current Heritage Square exhibitors, the Star Tribune said.

Some tenants are concerned that the new space may not be able to accommodate them. A spokesperson for the Minnesota Newspaper Museum told the Star Tribune that it doesn't have much money to re-create the museum in a another location.

Fair board members will discuss options with tenants Friday. Construction on the project wouldn't begin until after this year's fair.

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