State Patrol: Clear off your vehicle, or this could happen

A large ice chunk flew off a truck and smashed into someone's windshield.
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Here's a reminder to clear off your vehicle.

The Minnesota State Patrol posted photos to Facebook of what happened when a semitrailer driver didn't clear the ice off their vehicle before hitting the road.

While traveling down Interstate 694 near Highway 36 Monday morning, a "large" ice chunk flew off the truck and smashed through the windshield of a car.

The driver of the car also suffered minor injures, the Stat Patrol says, noting the truck driver wasn't cited, but the truck company will pay for repairs to the other driver's car.

The State Patrol is reminding all drivers to clear off their vehicle before going anywhere. It's one of several tips state officials have for being safe on the roads during the winter.

But remember, it can be hard for the driver of a semitrailer to clear snow or ice from the top of the truck, as one truck driver pointed out in the comments on the State Patrol's post.

That's why it's important to stay farther back when driving behind a semi or any vehicle that isn't free of snow, the State Patrol says. And be sure to pay attention in case something flies off.

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