State Patrol to drivers: Move over; 4 squads hit since Friday

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After multiple squad cars were hit recently, the Minnesota State Patrol is reminding drivers to slow down or move over when they see flashing lights.

Since Friday, crashes in which vehicles slid into patrol cars parked on shoulders resulted in four damaged squads. None of the troopers involved were seriously hurt.

The first incident happened Friday morning. Roads were slick along I-94 near the Wisconsin border when an idled trooper was rear-ended.

"The trooper was in the patrol car doing paperwork and arranging for a tow truck to respond but the other people were outside," Lt. Eric Roeske told FOX 9. "You can imagine how frightening it would be -- and see a vehicle at highway speeds come out of control, coming right at you."

Roeske said the patrol car was pushed several feet. No one outside the cars was injured.

MnDOT traffic cameras captured the crash.

KARE 11 also has video.

Minnesota's Move Over Law, implemented in 2006, requires drivers to move over one full lane or slow down when passing stopped emergency, maintenance and construction vehicles.

FOX 9 reports 89 parked patrol squads were hit last year. (However, the Associated Press puts that number much lower at 19 parked squads hit last year.)

State troopers had another busy morning Tuesday as snow snarled the morning commute. Roeske says the state patrol responded to 86 crashes and 188 vehicles that went off the road statewide. Only 12 injuries were reported.

FOX 9 reports snow totals in the Twin Cities range from 2-4 inches. The National Weather Service expects areas of western Wisconsin to get up to 8 inches by early afternoon.

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