State suspends foster care license at Brooklyn Park home where 6-year-old died


Minnesota's Department of Human Services has suspended the license of a Brooklyn Park foster care provider while the death of a 6-year-old girl in the home is investigated.

As the Star Tribune recounts, Kendrea Johnson was found late Saturday with a jump rope around her neck, hanging from the bunk bed in her room.

The investigation is ongoing but police reiterated Wednesday they are not treating the girl's death as a homicide, the Star Tribune says.

The Department of Human Services sent a letter to Tannise Nawaqavou notifying her of the suspension. It reads in part:

Due to the serious nature of the report under investigation, Family Alternatives cannot ensure the safety of the persons served in your program. The Commissioner of the Department of Human Services finds that the health, safety, and rights of children in your care are in imminent risk of harm. Therefore, the Commissioner is immediately suspending your license to provide child foster care.

The suspension takes effect immediately but FOX 9 notes Nawaqavou has five days to file an appeal.

KSTP says Nawaquavou was licensed to care for five children.

A search warrant investigators filed this week raised doubts about whether a 6-year-old could tie a knot as sophisticated as the one that held Kendrea's jump rope to the bunk bed, FOX reports.

Kendrea's grandmother, Mary Broadus, told KARE 11 this week: "I know my granddaughter would not hurt herself on purpose. She's a lively, happy little girl."

Kendrea had lived in Broadus' home before Hennepin County child protection workers put the girl in foster care in March. Broadus tells KARE county staff said her home is too small for her to gain custody of a child.

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