State troopers helped deliver 2 babies on the side of the road this weekend


Two Minnesota state troopers helped deliver two babies along the side of the highway over the weekend.

Two healthy baby boys were born in less than 48 hours – one in the Twin Cities, the other in Southern Minnesota along Interstate 90, the Minnesota State Patrol said in a Facebook post.

'I just told her to breathe, and she was squeezing my hand'

On Saturday, Trooper Jason Theel responded to a call of a woman in labor on Hwy. 77, near Hwy. 62 in Minneapolis.

Theel told BringMeTheNews that when he pulled up just a minute later, he saw a little black Mazda with the driver's side rear door open.

A woman was scrunched up in the back of the vehicle with her husband helping take her pants off. She was in labor and close to crowning – they had been on their way to Abbott Northwestern Hospital when they pulled over, he said.

Theel said he grabbed his medic bag and a blanket. He moved a car seat and helped make a makeshift pillow for the woman to keep her comfortable until medics arrived.

"I didn't do much," Theel said modestly. "I just told her to breathe, and she was squeezing my hand."

The medics came just in time, and Theel held up a sheet to give the mother privacy while traffic slowly rolled by. The baby was born just after 1:30 p.m., about 5-7 minutes after Theel arrived.

The husband told Theel the boy was their second child.

Theel by the way – has never delivered a baby aside from his wife's, but he said that's "different."

The second birth

The second baby made his debut about 30 hours later, 165 miles south near Worthington, according to the State Patrol's post.

Trooper James Orlando was on a traffic stop on I-90 when a vehicle pulled up behind him and a man jumped out, saying his wife was in labor.

When Orlando got to the vehicle, the woman had just given birth. The trooper made sure the baby was breathing and kept everyone comfortable until the ambulance arrived, the post said.

Both mothers and babies are doing well, officials say.

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