Former state worker accused of ID theft denies trading info for drugs


Jury deliberations continue Wednesday for a former state worker on trial for identity theft, accused of stealing state employee data to support a drug habit.

Prosecutors have alleged Roxanne Kay DeFlorin, 50, of St. Paul, traded the data for methamphetamine. She told a jury in Ramsey County District Court on Tuesday that she did use methamphetamine – but did not use information she got through her job to commit identity theft, the Pioneer Press reports.

DeFlorin is accused of stealing up to 500 identities, the Star Tribune reports.

She was charged in September with one count of identity theft and two counts of possession of a short-barreled shotgun (two of the weapons were found in her home's upstairs closet, but she says she did not know they were there, the Pioneer Press reports).

"I'm guilty of doing meth; I'm guilty of taking work home; I'm guilty of not searching my closet well enough," she said, according to the Pioneer Press. "That's all I'm guilty of."

DeFlorin formerly worked at the state's Department of Labor and Industry, and prosecutors say she stole names and Social Security numbers from a Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota database. Prosecutors say she was at the center of an operation that involved three other women – two of whom are co-defendants testifying for the prosecutors, who say that DeFlorin was the source of the employee data.

Police executing a search warrant in August 2012 found the stolen identity lists in DeFlorin's St. Paul home, along with the guns, one of which was loaded, according to a criminal complaint.

But DeFlorin says the other two women, Shauntell Burg and Kristin Warren, who each pleaded guilty last year to one count of identity theft, are lying to get a "sweet deal" from prosecutors, the Pioneer Press reports. The two are scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

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