State's plans to sell North Shore parcel puzzles supporters of Gitchi-Gami trail

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources plans to put some $3.3 million in land up for auction next week, something that has drawn the ire - and bafflement - of supporters who had hoped to expand a bike trail.

The Pioneer Press reports that Plans to sell a 65-acre parcel north of Silver Bay, which includes 1,675 feet of lakeshore, have drawn opposition from supporters of the Gitchi-Gami State Trail, which is envisioned as an 88-mile paved bicycle trail between Two Harbors and Grand Marais.

The whole thing can be yours for a starting bid of $809,800.

Once the parcel is privately owned, says the paper, there is no guarantee the trail will be completed.

Brett Feldman, executive director of the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota ,sent a letter to DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr this week asking that the land be pulled from the sale, the PiPress reports.

"We just are having trouble understanding the logic. Why this parcel? Why now?" Feldman asks the paper.

Most in the area just heard about the proposal last week, reports the paper.

The DNR backs the plan, saying that each parcel is carefully reviewed before going up for sale.

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