Steer that broke free at meat plant heads for greener pastures


Waldo the steer became a local celebrity in Casselton, North Dakota, when he made a last-minute break for it at the slaughterhouse and spent several hours wandering around town earlier this month.

[Insert your Where's Waldo joke here.]

The 1,800-pound steer would not be cowed – he crashed through a gate at the meat processing plant March 6 to win his freedom. The animal "just decided he wanted no part of it," farmer Todd Sadeck told WDAY.

The animal then caused a bit of stir as it lumbered through town. Schools and a child care center kept children indoors until a veterinarian was able to tranquilize the animal and it was captured, the Associated Press reports. No one was hurt.

News of the slaughterhouse slip made its way to Michigan, where Monte Jackson, of Sasha Farm animal rescue decided the spirited steer had earned a pardon. Jackson drove to Minnesota to buy Waldo from Sadeck and plans to let the animal live out its life in peace.

Jackson tells WDAY with a laugh, "He wanted to be free! And now he will be free. Well, not free, I'll keep him fenced. But he'll think he's free."

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