Stewart Mills' new campaign ad is ... pretty similar to this one from 'Veep'


On Wednesday, 8th Congressional District hopeful Stewart Mills released his latest campaign ad. It depicts him chopping wood in rural Minnesota (watch it above).

We noticed it shares some striking similarities to another Congressional campaign ad – a fictional one.

In the most recent season of HBO's comedy "Veep," hapless White House/Congressional aide Jonah Ryan – played by Timothy Simons – runs for Congress in New Hampshire and releases this hilarious 35-second ad called "Jonah Ryan: Rugged Outsider."

Ryan uses chopping wood as a metaphor for his "rugged outsider" appeal. It's not just the wood-chopping that has similarities with Mills' ad, but also the message.

In his video, Mills – who is going up against Democratic incumbent Rick Nolan – criticizes the "D.C. insiders from both parties," who have "rigged the system against you," before promising to "clear out the dead wood."

Ryan meanwhile says he's a "political outsider, and I'm fighting for change."

We've contacted the Stewart Mills campaign to ask if the similarities are intentional or not.

It's not the first time someone with Minnesota links has gone down the wood-chopping route.

While running for Governor of California, Neel Kashkari – now the chief of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve – ran this.

Nolan, by the way, has also gone with the "tough," outdoorsy feel for at least one of his ads.

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