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Sticky story: UW students cook up record-breaking Rice Krispies treat


A group of 150 student volunteers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison think the gigantic Rice Krispies bar they cooked up in a tent on the Engineering Mall over the weekend shatters an existing Guinness World Record for the largest cereal treat ever made. NBC News reports their finished product will snap, crackle and pop the existing record-holder by half a ton.

The sweet treat is the handiwork of a group called ProjectFreshman15,000 a reference to the notorious "freshman 15" – the numbers of pounds first-year college students are said to gain.

The group's plan was to make a 15,000-pound version of the classic snack. While they fell short of that goal, the Wisconsin State Journal reported students were documenting their efforts and believe they will still be able to claim the record.

Student volunteers started melting butter and marshmallows Thursday morning and finished up Sunday with a behemoth bar that tipped the scales at 11,327 pounds. The group thinks it beats the reigning world record, which was set in 2010 with a brick of Rice Krispies that weighed 10,314 pounds.

According to a release from the University, the students used 5,500 pounds of Rice Krispies cereal, 9,000 pounds of marshmallows and 850 pounds of butter that was all donated to the project.

The next step for Project Freshman 15,000 was to carve up and sell pieces of their history-making snack. The sales will raise money for Wisconsin charities including Camp Kasem, which supports children with a parent who has been diagnosed with cancer.

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