Still looking for a transplant, MN man builds new 'snow kidney' on his lawn


If you're driving through Cottage Grove and you notice a 7-foot-tall kidney made of snow, you're at Jim Gorbunow's house.

A year ago, the Type I diabetes sufferer hit the headlines when he created a snow kidney in the hope someone will come forward and donate a kidney to him.

He had hundreds of offers, but none of them proved a match, so this winter he did it again, making an even bigger kidney as he continues his search for a donor and to raise awareness of those on the waiting list for organs, FOX 9 reports.

"I'm not the only one who needs a kidney transplant so I'm hoping it benefits everybody," he said.

According to his Facebook page, Jim completed "Kidney 2.0" (named Kevin) on Feb. 21 with the help of his brother Jason.

He was diagnosed with diabetes just before his seventh birthday but the condition became very serious in 2000, when he needed a kidney and pancreas transplant.

The operation was successful, according to his fund-raising page, and he had a second pancreas transplant in 2006.

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But transplanted kidneys only have a shelf-life of around 13 to 15 years, so Jim's need for a donor is more urgent than ever.

'I'm in end stage renal failure. I can't go anywhere else with my kidney now. I have to have a kidney transplant. I can't live on dialysis forever," he told FOX 9.

His wife Jennie said that Jim can accept donations from people with blood A and O types, either positive or negative. You can get in touch with Jim through his Facebook page or donation site.

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