Stillwater named Minnesota's 'most picturesque' small town

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It's name alone conjures up images of tranquil beauty, so it's not a surprise that Stillwater has been named Minnesota's most attractive town.

The city on the St. Croix featured in USA Today's "Idyllic America" list, that identified the "most picturesque" small town in each state.

The winner for each state was determined "through research and crowd-sourcing," the newspaper notes, with Stillwater running out on top in Minnesota.

It's not the first time the city has been featured in the national newspaper. In August, it was featured as part of a series on the "hidden gems" of America as picked by review website Yelp.

In that article, USA Today gave shout outs to Aamodt's Apple Farm, the Oasis Cafe, Lolo American Kitchen and Lift Bridge Brewing Company, among others, after asking Yelp for the highest-rated "non-chain, local businesses."

The Stillwater Current has been asking locals why their town featured so highly in the latest list.

Christie L. Rosckes, of the Stillwater/Oak Park Heights Convention and Visitors Bureau, told the newspaper that visitors often remarks on the beauty of the St. Croix River bluffs, the "colorful historic architecture" and a mixture of "small business ingenuity" and "artistic inspiration."

Features of the town, including its "brick church steeples, steamboat river cruises, trolley rides, and used book stores," Rosckes says, "evoke a sense of Americana not frequently found in one picturesque location."

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