Stillwater's Boutwell House – on the verge of demolition – saved by historical society

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There's a happy ending for those fighting to preserve a historic house in Stillwater that was earmarked for demolition.

Crews had already started to bring down 145 year old Boutwell House in January when Minneapolis-based Nicole Curtis – star of the "Rehab Addict" show on HGTV – intervened and persuaded its owner Joel Adamic to halt the demolition.

The City of Stillwater had given Adamic until the start of May to either demolish the home or put forward a plan to restore it – and the Stillwater Gazette is now reporting the property has been bought by the Washington County Historical Society for $600,000.

The newspaper notes the society closed on the property at 12588 Boutwell Road Thursday morning – and plans to restore it to its former glory.

David Lindsey, chair of the board of the historical society, called it an opportunity that "doesn't happen too often," and said: "To save a property and save some history of this significance, not only from the county perspective but from the state perspective is so very cool."

After saving the house from demolition, the Pioneer Press reports Curtis will remain involved in its restoration, namely by playing a "supportive role" in helping the society raise the $300,000-$400,000 it needs to renovate the house.

The society says the building's historical significance ranks alongside famous Minnesota homes belonging to Henry Sibley, Alexander Ramsey, "even James J. Hill."

Rev. William T. Boutwell helped organize the First Presbyterian Church in Stillwarer and named Lake Itasca – home to the Mississippi River headwaters – the newspaper notes.

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