Stolen kittens Big Mac, Chicken Nugget returned to animal shelter a week later

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It was quite a week for Big Mac and Chicken Nugget.

The tiny kittens were recently found abandoned near a Wisconsin McDonald's, and brought in to the Washington County Humane Society in Slinger (40 minutes northwest of Milwaukee).

But days later, they were gone – stolen during open hours on Thursday, Dec. 4, according to a Facebook post. Their cage was accidentally left unlocked with no supervisor around, FOX 6 reported.

The young felines, about 3 months old, were on medication for round worm – and the Humane Society pleaded for their return, no questions asked, the station reported.

This week, they got their wish.

Big Mac and Chicken Nugget were returned to the shelter Wednesday "by a concerned citizen," according to the society's Facebook post.

WISN ABC 2 reports a young adult apparently took the kittens to give to someone, but then brought them back.

The next day, the shelter posted another update about their "mini-celebrities" – who apparently are the apple of many potential adopters' eye:

"These two sweeties won’t be on the adoption floor until they are over their upper respiratory infection. Upper respiratory infections can happen due to stress … from leaving the shelter to a new home … this is no reflection on where they were or how they were treated. ... With medication, time and love these little ones will be back on the adoption floor soon! ... After everything is said and done – these little babies will have run us an easy $1,300 each.

Remember we don’t charge for our adult cats 2 and older … even though Big Mac and Chicken Nugget are mini-celebrities – please remember we have many other cats/kittens to choose from."

So if you're looking to bring an animal home, maybe consider ordering something other than a Big Mac or Chicken Nuggets from the menu.

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