Stop calling St. Anthony PD in Idaho, they didn't shoot Castile

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Last week, Philando Castile was shot and killed by a St. Anthony police officer – St. Anthony, Minnesota that is.

We specify because apparently there's more than one St. Anthony Police Department out there, and officers in eastern Idaho have been getting angry calls and messages from people who are enraged over the incident.

“We happen to have a matching name. When they Googled us, they didn’t bother to research any further than ‘St. Anthony.’ They’ve probably assumed there was only one,” Idaho's St. Anthony Police Chief Terry Harris told Teton Valley News.

And some of the comments have been pretty harsh.

“They’re calling us murderous thugs and things like that,” Harris said.

So the department's been busy deleting nasty comments from Facebook, taking the calls, and explaining that they have nothing to do with Minnesota whatsoever.

Let's all learn something from this:

Next time you're about to chew someone out, take a minute and make sure the person you're reaching out to is indeed the person you're actually trying to get a hold of. Otherwise, you might just end up being a laughingstock and a news story.

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