Store that sells shirts specifically made for wearing untucked is coming to MOA

We thought this was just called "a normal shirt store," but apparently not?

Get this: a clothing store where all the shirts you can buy are designed to be worn ... untucked.

You might be wondering, "Wait, isn't that basically every non-fancy shirt store?" But no, apparently that is not the case. (And apparently I have been buying and wearing shirts wrong my entire adult life.)

UNTUCKit is opening a store at Mall of America this fall – its first in Minnesota.

The New York brand's entire pitch is based on one idea: That the shirts you buy elsewhere aren't cut or sized correctly to be worn untucked. Whereas their shirts are "designed to fall halfway between the belt and bottom of the pant zipper, which allow pant pockets to be partially exposed, along with a curved hemline."

What exactly does that mean? According to this UNTUCKit ad, button-down shirts that stop just above a woman's crotch.

They sell shirts for mostly men but also women, and started online (getting a "brand to know" designation from Maxim in 2012) before opening their first physical location in New York in 2015. UNTUCKit now has stores in Chicago, L.A., Austin, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia as well.

The MOA location will be on level one at the north end.

Liz McLay, SVP of leasing at Mall of America, said in the news release UNTUCKit has proven it can successfully transition from online to retail, and "will now have the chance to further engage with an expanded audience at MOA."

Mall of America gets about 40 million visitors every year, with 40 percent of those tourists.

Do people like the shirts?

Men's button-up shirts tend to run you a minimum of $68. Most of the shirts are more expensive than that. The few button-ups for women are also in that price range.

So this is not a budget option, a la Old Navy or Target or what have you.

That's one complaint from people, like on this /r/MaleFashionAdvice Reddit thread. It's just really pricey for most people. Others also point out there are already stores that sell shirts designed not to be tucked in, including J. Crew and H&M.

Combined with the price, you could buy a shirt from a more affordable retailer, then pay a tailor to make the length better – and it would ultimately be less costly than buying a shirt straight from UNTUCKit.

There are some arguments that UNTUCKit is more beneficial if you're shorter, since shirts that fit width-wise run too long. That's what UNTUCKit founder Chris Riccobono said to GQ when the brand launched, noting his 5-foot-11 frame was awkward for finding a good fit.

"It definitely is a problem for shorter guys, or guys with a short torso," wrote Redditor MrSparkle666. "Though it may be limited, there clearly is a market for shorter shirts, and the shirts they are selling are obviously shorter than regular non-dress shirts."

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