Pockets of storms reported in MN, north of state to get bad weather later

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Update 9:30 a.m.

Although rain is arriving in the Twin Cities, the strength of the storm system has waned significantly since 9 a.m., meaning the Twin Cities has avoided the brunt of the bad weather.

Those at the State Fair might get wet, but it won't be the torrential downpour of a storm.

There is still some bad weather out there, with a severe storm warning issued for three counties in central Minnesota until 10:15 a.m.


Keep reading below for more information on storms arriving Sunday evening and Monday.

Original story

State Fair-goers be warned, there's a storm system on the way to the Twin Cities Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service earlier forecast that the system traveling southeast along the I-94 corridor would have dissipated by the time it reached the Twin Cities.

But as the storm developed, it's still moving and has enough strength to bring heavy rain, hail and lightning to the metro area.


It could mean a soaking for those who have made an early trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

The storm had earlier passed through west-central Minnesota, with the weather service saying golf ball-sized hail was a possibility.

There will be more storms later on Sunday, the NWS says, but this is likely to pass north of the Twin Cities and hit the north of the state, with Duluth in its path.

And then on Monday there could be some serious weather heading to the Twin Cities, with strong winds and hail forecast for a storm that will enter the metro area in the afternoon and continue into the evening.


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