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Stormy weekend to the east: white Christmas forecast


The Duluth News Tribune is warning weekend travelers about heavy snowfall to the east. A winter storm watch is in effect Sunday and Monday for northern Wisconsin, with more than a foot of snow forecast in some areas.

The La Crosse Tribune reports 23 counties could be affected by what the National Weather Service calls a major storm. Southwestern Wisconsin is still recovering from freezing rain and snow Thursday and Friday, with more than a dozen people in La Crosse reporting injuries from falls.

In addition to snow in much of Wisconsin, the Associated Press reports travelers this weekend are bracing for ice in Maine, floods or freezing rain from Oklahoma to Ohio, and even possible tornadoes in parts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. A northern cold front clashing with warm, humid air from the South is causing the unsettled weather.

The good news is the weather is supposed to moderate by midweek. Because Christmas falls on a Wednesday, travelers may have more flexibility in timing their trips. says most usual suspects will see a white Christmas. But the warm lead-up to Christmas Day may leave east coast cities brown, from Washington, D.C. to Boston.

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