Stranger Things 2 gets an actual release date

We can't wait.

Mark your calendars. Stranger Things 2 will be released on Netflix Oct. 27.

And we can't wait.

The news came Tuesday morning, along with a 25-second trailer that doesn't reveal a ton more about what this season will hold (watch it below).

The clip – complete with the creepy music the show is known for – begins with a yellow road stripe and the words "1984 ... only gets stranger" flickering on the screen. It also shows some young members of the cast biking down the road, past a sign that reads "Welcome to Hawkins."

The sky above them looks like that freaky storm we got a look at in the first trailer (watch it below). And Netflix's tweet announcing season two's release date shows what looks like this season's monster, which is expected to be even creepier than the demogorgon from season one – if that's even possible, Digital Trends says.

The spider-like creature first showed up in the trailer released back in February. It showed a drawing of the monster, which also appeared in the sky during that freaky storm mentioned above.

There are a few other things we know about this season. In addition to the 1980s nostalgia and Eggo waffles, we know it'll take place a year after Will Byers returns from the Upside Down, and according to Mashable there are clues that point to it being Oct. 30, 1984. (And now that year is confirmed thanks to Tuesday's tweet).

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