Stray dogs from Turkey get 2nd chance in Minnesota


A group of 12 dogs that grew up on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey have arrived in the Twin Cities. Now, they're looking for warm, loving homes.

The organization Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota – which specializes in rescuing golden retrievers – got the pups on Friday.

And this isn't their first shipment of Turkish strays. Last fall and earlier this spring, they rescued 19. And those dogs all found forever homes.

The dogs in this group range in age from about a year to 12 years. There's even a beagle in the mix.

The organization says dog abandonment is a problem in Turkey, and it's not uncommon for people to get rid of their pet if it becomes inconvenient.

According to the group, there are more than 100,000 stray dogs in Istanbul. About 1,000 are golden retrievers, many of which are purebred and trained.

Golden retrievers have an especially difficult time surviving on the streets because they don't typically travel in packs, and the retrievers often gets attacked by other breeds since they don't fight back.

WCCO says Retrieve a Golden plans to bring three more dogs to Minnesota next month.

Check out the pups by clicking here.

Or watch the video below:

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