Students greeted with messages of love after racist graffiti found in school bathroom

The graffiti said things like "whites only," "white America," "go back to Africa" and "Trump."
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Students are spreading messages of love and acceptance after racist and anti-immigrant graffiti was written in a bathroom at at Maple Grove Senior High School.

Photos of the graffiti, which said things like "whites only," "white America," "go back to Africa" and "Trump," have been been spreading on social media after being written during the school day Wednesday.

This prompted students to organize to let people know that everyone is welcome at the school.

Police, school is investigating

The school quickly responded to the racist messages, sending a letter to students and their families Wednesday. Principal Bart Becker called it a "serious and disturbing racial incident," adding he is "horrified by this action."

Becker added:

"This incident is additional evidence of the pressing need in our schools, our community and our nation to find ways to talk about race constructively and respectfully. Over the past several years, we have been learning and practicing language that helps us engage in these conversations when we need them most, in order to interrupt racism. I know that placing student voice at the center will be essential in our efforts to address this terrible event and to help students feel safe and secure at our school."

The Maple Grove Police Department also addressed the vandalism in a statement Thursday, saying "This type of behavior is highly offensive, will not be tolerated and does not reflect the views of the Maple Grove community."

Police are assisting the school in its investigation, but are asking for patience because it's an "active investigation." The school says it will take "swift and appropriate action based on the investigation findings" and will work to identify who is behind "this horrible act."

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