Students: School bus driver texted at stop light


A school bus driver was so distracted by her cellphone that students had to tell her when traffic lights changed, the Star Tribune reports.

The incidents happened in November 2011, but Jatira D. Sanders, 41, of Fridley, was charged this week with personal cellular phone call prohibitions, violation of school bus operation, violation of driver seat belt use and use of wireless communications device, the newspaper reports. It's not clear why there was such a delay between the alleged incidents and the charges.

According to the charges filed in Ramsey County District Court, Sanders was driving students to Central High School in St. Paul when the alleged offenses happened twice, the newspaper reports. In one case, Sanders is accused of texting at a red light, the newspaper reports.

A student in one case took a photo of Sanders, documenting violations, the Star Tribune reports.

Sanders' employer, Sunburst Transportation of Minneapolis, uses on-board surveillance cameras on buses, Fridley Patch noted, although it wasn't clear if there is existing video of Sanders' alleged violations.

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