High school students showed up with American flags after a new rule said they couldn't

A parking policy said the students couldn't have flags. So naturally kids showed up with them.

A Minnesota high school's parking policy said students couldn't have flags on their vehicles if parked in the school lot. 

So naturally, a bunch of Rocori High School students showed up Wednesday with giant American flags on their cars and parked in the lot. 

The no-flags rule was new for the 2017-18 school year, KNSI News says. Rocori Superintendent Scott Staska told the station it was added after some students flew the Confederate flag on their trucks last spring. 

The school couldn't just ban the Confederate flag because that violates free speech, so they had to ban all flags, Staska added.

The new rule sparked Wednesday's protest, and in a Facebook post that afternoon the high school said the "flag display issue" had been resolved and the no-flag rule will be taken out of the school's parking policy. 

Student leaders and school administrators met to discuss the issue, with the school saying the conversations they had focused on ways to let students fly the American flag, "while still protecting all students from potentially threatening or negative displays of other flags on vehicles." 

Rocori High School is in Cold Spring, but also serves students who live in Rockville and Richmond.

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