Study finds Minnesota has the nation's safest drivers


Got road rage? You might want to ease up on that horn. Turns out, Minnesota drivers are the safest in the nation. Yep, that's right. So stay in your car, breathe deeply and keep the cursing to a minimum.

A study at found Minnesota has the safest drivers.

The website used statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration relating to road fatalities to calculate a total score then rank the states (including Washington, D.C.). The higher the number, the better the ranking. Minnesota had a total score of 208, which put us at No. 51 on the worst drivers list.

The Star Tribune reports Minnesota's highest score was the low fatality rate per number of vehicle miles travel, coming in 50th. The area of improvement for Minnesota is fatalities related to traffic violations and drunk driving - both scores landed Minnesota at No. 36.

Minnesota has steadily improved its rankings to get the coveted safest driving spot. When the study was first conducted in 2011, Minnesota ranked No. 35. In 2013 Minnesota tied for 48th on the same list with New Hampshire.

The Star Tribune's Tim Harlow says he's surprised by the findings and Minnesota's rank based on personal experience.

"I don’t put a lot of stock in these lists since it takes only one misbehaving motorist to put me in peril," Harlow writes. "These types of lists titillate us and may give us bragging rights or embarrassment."

Our neighbors in Iowa came in at No. 50. The next best neighbor is Wisconsin in 22nd. The Dakotas cracked the top 20 worst drivers - South Dakota came in at 16, and North Dakota is No. 4.

Here are the 10 states with the worst drivers:

  • 1. South Carolina (tie)
  • 1. Montana (tie)
  • 3. Texas
  • 4. North Dakota
  • 5. Delaware
  • 6. Nevada (tie)
  • 6. Louisiana (tie)
  • 8. Hawaii
  • 9. Oklahoma
  • 10. Missouri

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