Study: Investment in regional transit highly beneficial to Twin Cities

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A study released by the Istaca Project Friday says an investment of $4.4 billion to build out a regional transit system in the Twin Cities would yield up to $10.1 billion in direct benefits to the local economy, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reported.

The Itasca Project, which hired Cambridge Systematics Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., to complete the study, outlined a scenario where the Twin Cities would add three light rail lines, two bus rapid transit extensions, and several new rapid-transit bus lines.

If the $4.4 billion project were completed by 2030, it would return $10.1 billion between 2030 and 2045. Itasca also highlighted an accelerated scenario, where if $5.3 billion were invested by 2023, it would yield between $10.8 and $16.5 billion between 2023 and 2045.

The study comes out just a couple weeks after a protest by in St. Louis Park against the proposed plan for the $1.25 billion Southwest Light Rail Transit line, which would run between Minneapolis and Eden Prairie.

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