'Stupor Bowl Sunday': Lawmakers mull liquor sales for big game


There hasn't been much thirst in the Minnesota Legislature for a new law that would allow Sunday liquor sales, even after years of debate on the issue.

But would lawmakers be up for a twist on the long-standing proposal: Liquor sales on one Sunday a year – Super Bowl Sunday?

Call it Stupor Bowl Sunday, the Associated Press muses.

A Minnesota House panel on Wednesday discussed the plan, but like the broader proposal, it likely doesn't have much of a shot, the AP says. The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association has successfully lobbied against Sunday sales because most store owners want that day off, and they fear Sunday sales would just spread six days of sales over seven, the AP reports. They mostly feel that way about Super Bowl Sunday, too.

But Rep. Patrick Garofalo, R-Farmington, has introduced the bill that would allow liquor sales on Super Bowl Sunday of 2014 as a one-day trial.

“There’s always been controversy surrounding this issue. I thought this would be a reasonable, sensible way to introduce the issue, to do a pilot project for one day and report back to the Legislature,” he told the Star Tribune.

Ian Finch, who works at Four Firkins in St. Louis Park, said he'd welcome the opportunity. He told FOX 9, "Wintertime is slow. The Super Bowl is a big boost in business, no matter who's playing. Regardless of if Super Bowl Sunday is a big boon or not, we'd like to have the option of being open."

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