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Suggestion: Don't jump on and run across stopped cars like these people

Someone shared video of people doing this in Minneapolis.

Here's something we've never seen before.

Video of some people jumping on and running across stopped cars in north Minneapolis was being shared online this week. The video had been posted to Facebook and Flipagram, but is now deleted. The profile that uploaded it appears to be gone as well.

WCCO has the clips in its video report however:

It's a first for police

"This is the first we’ve heard about it," Minneapolis police spokesperson Corey Schmidt told GoMN about the car jumping.

The videos, based on 911 calls, were likely filmed from 4-5 p.m. Tuesday, Schmidt said. And up until that point, MPD had never gotten a call about somebody doing this.

Schmidt said MPD's intel unit has a copy of the video, and they're trying to figure out who those people jumping on the cars are. Meanwhile, if that's happened to anyone and there was damage, call police and make a report.

There are equally misguided pranks where strangers jumpinside other people's cars. Or there's this video where someone walks over a car's hood because the vehicle stopped in the intersection.

But this one is new.

"We’re hoping to curb it so it doesn’t continue because it’s dangerous, No. 1," Schmidt said. "No. 2 it’s illegal."

You're asking for a road rage situation

Messing up traffic is a misdemeanor under Minneapolis city ordinance, while damaging a car could bring anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony charge depending on how serious the damage was, Schmidt explained.

So you've got that to worry about, if you're thinking about doing the stunt yourself.

But maybe more importantly, it's really obviously dangerous.

As Schmidt pointed out, not only is there the possibility a car starts to move while you're trying to jump on it (or even mid-jump) – but you also have no idea how the person inside the car might react.

You're putting yourself in a situation where you could have a "serious altercation" with someone, Schmidt added, where they're angrily getting out of their vehicle.

"It's one of those road rage type things," Schmidt said.

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