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Suggestions for Dayton's 'unsession' include bake sale, resignation of entire Legislature


Gov. Mark Dayton's idea to make state government work better, faster or simpler has yielded at least 139 submissions to an online suggestion box, the Pioneer Press reports.

Dayton opened the suggestion box for ideas on Aug. 23, which he will turn in to an "unsession" of the Legislature next year as a way to undo unnecessary laws, rules and regulations.

About a dozen other such boxes were also opened by state agencies at the Minnesota State Fair.

Some of the suggestions included a recommendations as simple as turning off lights in vacant state offices.

Another inquired about a state bake sale to raise money "to support a bipartisan cause, like the elimination of Asian Carp."

The suggestion also included the idea of some activities at the bake sale, like "politician dunk tanks and a competition by political parties to see who could raise the most money."

Another suggestion asked the entire state government -- including every member of the Legislature -- to "resign and not be able to run for office for at least six years to allow new people with new ideas a chance to govern."

Focusing on a current hot-button issue, one suggestion was filed to repeal three new business-to-business taxes passed by the DFL-controlled Legislature.

The submission may or may not have spawned by a call to action from Republican gubernatorial Rep. Kurt Zellers.

The Star Tribune reports that Zellers sent an email to his supporters to fill the "unsession" box with suggestions, namely the repeal of the business taxes.

"Unsession" suggestions will be taken online through Sept. 12.

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