Suicide bomber injures 12 at German musical festival

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More than 2,000 people were evacuated says 9news, after a suicide bomber detonated outside of a musical festival in Ansbach, Germany on Sunday night.

Currently, the only death is believed to be the bomber himself, according to German Police. Twelve people are said to be injured from the explosion, three of them seriously.

The bomber is said to have been a Syrian refugee who was denied asylum in Germany a year ago. He had tried committing suicide twice before, reported The Guardian. There is no knowledge of a terrorist connection at this time. Click here for more live updates on the explosion from The Guardian.

The President of Germany, Angela Merkel, is well-known for her support of refugees coming to Europe. Her following statement was translated from an interview:

Ansbach – population of about 40,000 – was hosting its annual Ansbach Open Music Festival. The town is about 125 miles North of Munich, where 8 people died in a shooting at a shopping mall last week. Both towns are in the German state of Bavaria.

The BBC notes that this is the third attack in Bavaria in one week. In the town of Wuerzburg, a teenager attacked and injured several people on a train with an axe.

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