After frost advisory, temps in the 80s return mid-week


It'll warm up just a bit across the state this week after frost advisories early Monday in the northeastern part of the state.

It was 35 degrees in International Falls early Monday, 37 in Crane Lake and 39 in Eveleth, WCCO reported.

High temperatures will be in the 70s across much of the state on Monday (with a high of 78 in the Twin Cities – about 5 degrees cooler than average).

High temperatures will creep back into the lower 80s later in the week, with a good chance of a storm in the metro on Wednesday, the National Weather Service reports.

A chill across the state set a few records this weekend. Saturday’s high of 64 degrees in the metro set a new “record low maximum” and is average for Oct. 4, MPR's Updraft blog reports. Rochester dipped to 49 degrees Sunday, which beat a record low temp set in 1920, WCCO reported.

The steamy 90s are unlikely for the next week to 10 days, Updraft says. Warmer beach weather may return after Aug. 10, Updraft reports.

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